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News 24 May 2024

Severely injured pregnant Ukrainian woman is carried away from a maternity hospital bombed by the Russians. Her child is stillborn, she dies half an hour later. Putin deports, tortures and murders, does it make you so sad? The Eyes on Ukraine Foundation helps Ukraine with, among other things, video drones, medical kits, all-terrain vehicles, generators and diesel heaters. Please help!

Putin is attacking Ukraine’s energy supplies again, small generators are urgently needed for the coming freezing winter.

Today there is heavy fighting in Zaporizhia and Avdiivka, follow it on the current map.

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you help?

Putin deports, tortures and murders, does it make you sad too?

Foundation Eyes on Ukraine offers help and support to victims, including:

Medical kits

You can help the foundation by donating.
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What is

Today on United 24, President Zelenskyy asks for as many camera drones as possible.

These drones are used to save thousands of lives. The drones are used for reconnaissance above the front and recording war crimes.

Ukrainian defenders and civilians are being badly injured by Putin’s brutal war. Our Medkits stop acute bleeding until professional help can be provided.


Eyes on Ukraine is an Dutch ANBI foundation. All costs for organization and transport are borne by the sponsoring company and volunteers.

Drones, generators, medical kits, etc. are purchased with every euro you deposit.

Eyes on Ukraïne on National Dutch Radio NPO 1

The Eyes on Ukraine Foundation was recently a guest on Dutch Radio NPO 1 to talk about their goal to donate as many drones as possible to Ukraine. This foundation’s mission is to improve the safety and well-being of the Ukrainian population through the use of drones for surveillance and rescue operations.

Latest Updates
Eyes on Ukraine

Latest Updates Eyes on Ukraine

  • 24 mei 2024

    Dankzij jullie non-stop steun en donaties hebben we weer 20 Ecoflows gekocht voor medici en soldaten! Dit voorjaar hebben we inmiddels 78 stuks 2 Kwh Ecoflows gekocht waarvan er 61 geleverd zijn. Het zijn refurbished 2 Kwh power stations die we voor €749 per stuk hier gekocht hebben. Doneer voor een generator of power station [...]

  • 23 mei 2024

    De Russische Zwarte Zeevloot is zijn laatste raketboot de korvet Cyclone op de bezette Krim kwijtgeraakt. Rusland kan nu geen kruisraketten meer afvuren vanaf de Krim. Een Oekraïense aanval zondag op de baai van Sevastopol in de Krim heeft zowel de Russische mijnenveger Kovrovets als het korvet Cyclone/Tsiklon, ernstig beschadigd of tot zinken gebracht, vertelde [...]

  • 22 mei 2024

    De “wereldpremière” van een nieuwe biopic over Vladimir Poetin met een door AI weergegeven centraal personage is aangekondigd voor 26 september. Deze week werd de film op het festival van Cannes met veel belangstelling getoond. In een verklaring vrijgegeven via PR Leap zei de Poolse studio AIO dat de film, getiteld Poetin, in 35 landen [...]


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Eyes on Ukraine is a Dutch initiative, started as a result of the Russian invasion. We mainly work with the aid organization KOLO in Ukraine. So that we can switch quickly as needed.